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Old Manila, Philippines

June 2, 2011

I didn’t know how I felt when i saw these clips and picture. A mixture of sadness, anger and grief.

I was born tree decades ago and never have I seen anything in the Philippines like this. How would I love to go back in time and stayed there.

Nowadays, you would see litters, rubbishes and filth on the streets of Manila. Crime and mischief is in every corner. You won’t be able to trust anyone! Tondo and Ermita were very beautiful. Shame… now, they are known with bad reputations 😦

Pasig river was immaculate! And Manila bay was gorgeous, the waters were clean, but now the smell of the waters makes you fell like vomiting. 😦

In the video, everyone is disciplined, seemed polite, and everyone is working. Outside the church, there are candle and flower sellers but not one beggar at all. It almost made me cry when the baby was given to the convent, atleast it wasn’t aborted and it was given a very good life and was educated. We don’t have that anymore.

In the provinces, its either they became cities like manila of today or they look devastated with poverty.

There are million things to compare from then and now. From the physical structure, to cultural, to the ways of the Filipinos.

Whatever happened to our land?

Whatever happened to our people?

What will happen next? Hopefully the new generations of Filipinos will see this and hopefully they will have the drive to save our land.

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