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Green Minded Plutonian

February 18, 2010




It is beacuse I LOVE THE GULAYAN! (Although you can’t see any gulay here, merong berries, hehehe) Wala ako pakialam kung ano mang sabihin nila basta gusto ko green surroundings. I live here, yes dito pa rin yan sa earth kahit na taga Pluto ako 😀

And I love the beach and I’m lucky enough to have it near me… This place where I am is absolutely gorgeous (ngak! kaya nga Holiday Area e hehehe…) This is the reason why I can’t leave this place, the tranquility and peace that it gives me is priceless.

I think I’m going to stay here on earth, and get myself a visa? citizenship? as an earthling. Hhmm… where should I apply? United Nations perhaps! 😀

Pasensya na po sa mga kuhang di maganda resolution o di magandang angle… karamihan po ng mga kuha ay habang naandar ang sasakyan na sinasakyan ko. 😦

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