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A Horrible Good Day

February 17, 2010

Yes it’s horrible and damp outside, raining a bit but I didn’t mind. So I decided to do my house chores and iron our clothes (my adopted mudra’s and mine ofcourse).

                                                                                                                   My mudra decided that she will make pasties (pastries that is, empanada sa tagalog) from scratch, so she made me help her. Well, I did all with a bit of help and loads of instructions from her.

First, I have to make a flaky pastry, AY CARAMBA! Proper baker na ko! litsi! kulang na lang maging snowman ako sa harina. harina everywhere! hahaha…Anyway I did 13 doughs! OOH LALA! (ouch to my shoulder! ay ka hirap palang gumawa ng dough! next time mandadaya na ko at bibili na lang sa shop! litsi!)

Second, we made the fillings: filling #1 – ground beef and potato filling; filling #2 bacon and leek filling and filling #3 is onion, cheese and potato filling. Whew! grabe and magprepare nun ha kelangan ng sangkatutak na pagtatadtad at pagyayadyad ng ingredients.

Thirdly i have to do the main thing and that is to make and shape the pasties. Hala! kahit papaano basta mailaman! Kapagod pala (hi-nayblad pa ata si mudra sa pagbibigay ng instruction sa akin…hahaha, but mind you, first time ko gumawa ng pasties and know what? tingnan nyo ang end products!

O dava? Success!? hahaha… my first pasty bakes! Whoa!

{Habang pinapalamig ng konti ang pastries, I posted a blog tungkol sa Brits Award featuring L Gaga}

Then… mudra told me we’re going to the farm and we’re going to give away the pasties! ngak! huhuhu… all that fuss and it’ll be eaten right away??? huhuhu… So there goes me… got my coat and got in the car with mudra, cradling the warm freshly made nice yummy pasties to be given away! hhmmpt! So drive drive kami… so damp, cold and darn grim the skies were when we left… horrible indeed! Plus the fact that the pasties are going to be eaten right away after puffing and huffing a long time to make it…

Arrive kami sa farm… tanggal pagod ko pati pag-eemote ko sa nakita ko!               Ang cute ng mga babies noh??? ay! lambs pala! literally they we’re just born, the black one is trying to stand up for the fist time. I was itching to help it but unfortunately I can’t touch the poor lamb otherwise the mother will go birsirk! hehehe… But I was able to touch the mother even hugged it as well! Really soft and cudly! She would be a nice pillow hehehe…  And this one is a bonus! A bird’s nest in the bushes! wow! sulit ang paggawa ko ng pasties. hehehe…

Uwi kami ng dapit hapon… very tiring … load ng pictures sa computer… eto, blog…blog…blog… hehehe.

So I therefore conclude (according to my science laboratory conclusion :-D), my day was a horrible good one! HAHAHA.

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  1. February 20, 2010 9:38 am

    I would like to have one GIANT EMPANADA pleassseee!!! hahahha…

    • mabulaklaknadila permalink
      February 23, 2010 8:35 pm

      oo ba! pili ka na dyan. kunin mo na. hahaha

  2. February 18, 2010 3:16 pm

    hehehe. yap! 1 empanada will be enough for 2. baka mga 6’x4′ yong pinaka malaki dyan ang its really filled as in siksik sa laman yan. actually 1/3 lang kinaya kong kainin for hapunan e. hehehe. not bad for a first try ei?? hihihi.

  3. February 18, 2010 2:45 pm


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