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How’s Your New Year?

January 3, 2010


Here’s how it went.

December 31, 2009

Day Off, Woke up at about 6am. Stayed in bed till half past nine. Realised I need to do some washing. Got Dirty clothes out and washed. Phone rang, not for me, phone rang again, still not for me. Went to the internet chatted with love one(s) hehehe… Phone rang … my friend picked it up, talk… talk… talk… (I can hear her voice you see). She hanged the phone… “YOU’RE GOING TO BE PICKED UP AT HALF PAST TWELVE BY AUNTIE MELY!” she shouted. I phone Ate Mel back, I didn’t know what the plan was. I was invited for lunch and tea (dinner), then over night with her family so I can spend New Year’s Eve with them… Very good… YEY!

I got ready, packed my clothes and everything else that I’ll need including my working clothes for the next day. (Yes! May pasok ako ng New Year! Leche! ~di bale extra pay din yon. wahehehe~) Excited ako!

Balik sa computer chat some more… Half past twelve went, the phone didn’t ring… Tawag ang lola mo… talk……bye…hang. So, she’ll be late, naharang ng business, ok lang. Parang instant genie, si mudra kong puti umakyat hinatdan ako ng soup! waheheh. swirte! thank you mudra… 😀

Half past one, the phone rang. Ate mel is waiting outside the door! skyerda ang lola mo! Kuha si bag takbo! hahaha. naiwan ang tutbras! balik!

Opened the door, beso beso, aplang sa car. FREEZING sa labas. Drive…drive…habang chumichika. kwento…kwento… STOP! Me work daw sa restaurant? Ulit uli po? yes, if  i want to work daw? TONIGHT? Ofcourse YES! Baliw! New Years Eve? magwowork ng gabi? hahaha… YES!

Got to ate Mely’s, GREETINGS PEOPLE OF THE HOUSEHOLD! Uy! me gift sa akin! Huli man daw at magaling, me gift pa rin hahaha, and one is from the baby! 😀 Unwrap the wrapper! daliiiii! WOW! Fat Face! A set of gloves and hat! Thank you, thank you very much! Yong isa Dali!!!! Binuklat ang bag, WOW again! a green top! very nice! Muka akong si-sexy sa top! I Hope! Thank you, thank you again! Pinaupo kami sa dining table… Eat… eat… eat… talk…laugh… etc…etc… until the dinner is finished.

Ginamit ko ang tutbras, then i sat on the sofa with everyone… nagkatitigan…nagkatulugan??? Ano ba yan! hahaha! HAPPY NEW YEAR! HELLO! HAHAHA.

6pm, we have to go for work… first time mag part time… excited ang lola nyong maging tiga…hahaha…

Natapos ang work, me bitbit ng kung ano anong foods. Compliments of the chef and the owner. 😀 green curry, noodles, rice and BBQ pork. Yum!hehehe.

Out of the place… half past eleven, got in the car… BROOOMM… BROOM… still in the car, chat, talk, chat, talk. MIDNIGHT! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January 1, 2010

Still in the car, singing Auld Lang Syne. 😀 Siyete! ano ba yan! baliw nga ata kami! hahaha.

Got home. Too tired. Can’t eat. Got in the shower, got in my PJs. Ginamit ulit ang tutbras. Night Night! Mwuah! Mwuah! Happy New year!

Cannot sleep, nasa ibang bed kasi. Got up at 6am showered ulit, i didn’t know why I showered again after showering a few hours ago…hahaha. Got dressed, helped myself to food…AHA! thai food! yum! Ate some chili noodles… got to work…

At work, I worked, 8am till 8pm.  Usual Day. Everything usual as if there’s nothing special. Oh! At tea time we had prawn coctail. Ofcourse allergic don ang lola kaya kumain ako ng kumain (suicide with pleasure ata ang tawag don? hahaha) very YUMMY! After 30 minutes? Nag chill na then fever. Hahaha ayan! sinabi ng bawal e! inom ng antihistamine… water! dali! after a few minutes…ok na ata! ay ok na ga! yey! thank God di pa ko kinuha. hahaha….

At yan ang New Year ko… honestly i enjoyed every bit of it kahit ganyan ka wierd ang day ko. How about you? How’s yours? 😀

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