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December 30, 2009

Yes! she’s back and she’s behind you. I’m afraid I cannot tell my stories  about what happened during my holiday in the Philippines and Hang Kang because…. I don’t feel like it! It’s so luma na! hahaha.

Anyway,  I’m back here in England to do my ever complicated job.  HAHAHA. Recently, I watched a pantomime in Dartmouth Flavel, I have never seen one before and I was so very excited. My English colleages and companions were more excited than I am mind you, which facinated me. They have seen pantomimes every single Christmas Season and there they were as excited as ever.

We entered the theatre, I was lucky my seat was in the front. 😀 Bargain! We waited for the opening of the curtain while we chatted and ate crisps. There were grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren to see the show. Everybody was cheerful and happy (and shouting!) letching mga bata me umaatungal pa sa iyak e bat ba naman pati baby na naka pram pa e kasama sa panonood? EWAN!

The curtain was raised and the performers entered. Ala! e hagalpakan na ng tawa! E comedy pala e. And I am ofcourse, demure! HAHAHA sila kasi walang panyo na pantakip ng bunganga nila sa pagtawa ako naman e meron. HAHAHA ulit. The panto was about Robin Hood (played by the Dartmouth players) and all about Dame Goodbody! My favorite character in that pantomime. I guess she’s the funniest of them all. The audience paticipated well especially the children, they made everything more funny, especially when it was time to say, IT’S BEHIND YOU! The character will hve something or someone scary behind him or something that will startle him, the audience will say “behind you!” the character will look round to see whatever is behind, the thing or someone behind him will follow him round therefore the character won’t see still. In Robin Hood, Dame Goodbody, Robin Hood’s mother supposedly, has a ghoul behind her… the children were screaming! I was in tears, with laughter! Indeed it was an experience, perhaps I shall have a habit of going to the panto every Christmas Season, I hear next time will be Knights of the Round Table. HAHAHA.

Eto, sample! FREE LAUGHTER!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Enjoy! 

P.S. (Pahabol Sana :-D) Libre biscuits and ice cream sa intermission. HAHAHA. Sakit nga lang ng trot ko kaya di ako nakakain. Sayang! Never mind, di ko type mangatog paglabas ng Flavel! Negative kaya ang temperature! Sila nag Ice Cream pa! letche! Kainggit! hahaha.

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