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Dartmouth Regatta

September 9, 2009

Over sa pagod ang lola nyo ng mga panahong ito dahil di nabigyan ng break o day off manlang sa trabaho sa panahong me kaganapan dito kaya sugod sa festivities ng gabi! Tutal bampira naman ako LOL. So eto ang mga litraks:

Introducing Dartmouth!

likod bahayshopping anyone?brown steps (the place)






 The Fair

bump cars foreverhook a fishweeeee! i want teddy!froggetty, this was awesome! pramis!SL382257Red Arrows SimSL382225froggity! i was in it. prmis, kakaloka!prize from firing. watch out! i never miss.K chose the prize!another prize from firing. told yah! i never miss!a treat for me! toffee apple!

And yes! pagkatapos ng 13 hours shift e go go pa rin ang lola nyo! So it was a sabado night, last day of Regatta. Everything was happening. While i was riding the crazy frogetty ride, the fireworks was launched! ay caramba! pinapanood ko ang fireworks habang akoy  paugtol ugtol na umiikot (back and forth yon!) at itinatalang sa kalangitan! AAAYYY! litsi!!!!

After that di pa nasiyayan! sumakay pa ng Freddie’s revenge! Ay kaloka, ang bilis, 200 miles ph ata!  suspended in air, back and forth! wala ako nakita sa ride na yon kundi red lights na magmistulang guhit lang! WWWAAAA!!! di na muling uulit pa! I’ll think about it next time. Ala, e pagkatapos ng ride na iyon e daig ko pa ang lumaklak ng tatlumpong bote ng wine in one go! listi! di ako nakalakad!

The Red Arrows (LOL. I used to call it Red Sparrows!)5a5bSL382346SL382347


This is just a clip of the dare devil flying of the Red Arrows. The show lasted about 30 minutes in total. It made different shapes and colours. I must admit my favorite was the heart shape they made . The way the smoke diminished on the edge of the heart and appear in the middle of the heart was so precise! thefore making a pierced heart with an arrrow. It was unbelievable!

The Fireworks ( A Sneak Peek!)

The Opening Of Dartmouth Regatta, Featuring The Royal Marines

And so, that is the sneak peekof overall Dartmouth Regatta 2009,  The only missing here is the rowing competition, shame, i wasn’t able to take any pictures of it! Maybe next year then….

4 Comments leave one →
  1. September 12, 2009 4:49 pm

    Ang ganda ng mga pictures. It reminds me of circus and carnivals. 🙂

    • mabulaklaknadila permalink
      September 15, 2009 9:19 am

      hahaha. yes snow, yan lang tlaga ang ipinagpuyat ko, ang carnival na yan. hahaha.

  2. September 11, 2009 2:09 pm

    I remember, when I was a young kid back then, I want to become either one of these three:

    1. Pilot
    2. Aeronautical Engineer
    3. Astronaut

    Hahahah. I have dreams of flying, you know, parang mala-daredevil flight stunts na tulad sa Red Arrows and Blue Angels. Such an amazing feat to watch them fly. Wow.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • September 11, 2009 7:23 pm

      i love red arrows, to the max! pati nga yong red arrows simulator pinatulan ko. LOL.

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