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Paslit Numero Tres: Nood Tayo!

August 7, 2009

Ofcourse, when I was a child i was very fond of watching TV and in fact my favorite days back then were Fridays and Saturdays, days when we were allowed to watch TV in the night. These are some of my favorite tv shows back then. 

Ora Engkantada. Do you still remember Lola Torya who owned an ancient big black book of magical stories? Opo. I still remember those days where I would be in front of the television at 6pm waiting for Lola Torya to open her book. Collection of Stories from around the world in Filipino Style. Alala ko pa nga yong story ng Midas Touch featuring Joey de Leon. Tanda nyo ba yon? (Unfortunately I can’t find any Picture to show you of Ora Engkantada)

john en marshaJohn en Marsha. Naku buong pamilya ang nanonood pag eto ang palabas. I really love Matutina and si Donya Delila nga ba yon?  and ofcourse the king of comedy wearing his purontong. hahaha. I did wear purontong during those days as well. 

ok kaOkey ka Fairy Ko. Another fave of mine. I wonder where Alice Dixon is right now? I love how she say “TUTOT”meaning totoo, and Aiza who was so cute! I like the fairy who danced as well, Bosing who is still a bosing at present sa Eat bulaga.

candy1Candy Candy. A cartoon made in the 1970’s apparently which was broadcasted in chanel 13. This is about a girl who grew up in an adoption home. It is basically the story of her childhood, life’s adventures and love. Naku kala nyo ba, pinaiyak ako ng series na ito kahit ito’y anime lang.

 shaiderShaider. Shigi sgi uwa…shigi shigi… See! I can still sing it! Shaider is a space police or sheriff of some sort, he prevents the baddies from obducting people. He’s got a very pretty partner annie who’s very good in handling guns!

 biomanBioman. Eto, mala transformer or voltes V ang dating and the pasabog? wow! very colourful talaga. Dr. Man is the villain and as i can remember he’s got human androids.

iskulIskul Bukol. HAHAHA. that’s what it is! Who will forget Miss Tapia? HMMM? Tito, Vic and Joey and their gang in their most mischievous mischiefs! They give teachers the mother of all headaches! Funny how they always stay in school for they can’t pass their subjects so year after year the teachers has to deal with them and their mischiefs.

Sic O clock News. Really the funniest news ever! and corny pa ng dating non pero tlagang kwela! this was aired in ITV 13 back then. Sa sobrang tipid ng production wala tuloy kodak kahit isa. hahaha.

ulaUla ang Batang Gubat. O akala nyo puro comedy at cartoon to no? NOPE! Ula, ang batang gubat was played by Judy Ann Santos.  Ala Tarzan ang story nito. About a girl who grew up in a jungle, and when she was found she was taken to civilization…. ayon gumulo ang life nya! hahaha. I still remember Ula  hanging from a vine like tarzan.

eat bulagaEat Bulaga. Still running still being viewed by millions and indeed the fave of all Filipinos. But hen again I might say the Eat bulaga back then is different, specially when they had Aiza for a baby. 

sesamemuppetSesame Street and The Muppet Show. All time favorites ko ang mga to. I can never forget the characters of these shows specially Count and Kermit. These tv shows will always be in my heart.

batibotBATIBOT. The filipino version of Sesame Street. I think every Filipino Child in the 80’s will never ever forget batibot. The ultimate show with all lessons in life a child needs. Hindi lang abakada, numero, kanta, tula at leksyong pang silid aralan kung hindi leksyon sa kabutihang asal and turo ng batibot. Sana ibalik nila ang batibot para sa mga kabataan ngayon… Tanda nyo ba si manang Bola? e si Irma Daldal?

Kayo, anong favorite shows nyo nong bata pa kayo?

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  1. December 20, 2009 9:53 am

    we shared the same sentiments! I am an 80’s child as well and I grew up watching the very same shows you posted here. I miss Ora Engkantada and Okay Ka Fairy Ko. I can’t find any movie uploads anywhere in the net. Like you, I am also maintaining a blog dedicated for pinoy movies, tv programs and tv commercials of the 80’s with commentaries, picutres and videos (if there are any). I hope that you’ll have more visitors to come! =}

    • mabulaklaknadila permalink
      December 30, 2009 5:28 pm

      thanks for visiting. it really is a shame not to have available videos of those old shows. although they are in our memories, it is still will e nice if they can be available for the younger generations. medyo corny nga but the lessons you can learn are ample. specially from ora engkantada…. thanks for visiting again.

  2. August 10, 2009 12:02 pm

    Ang saya nito Chi! I was Okay ka Fairy Ko kid. I grew up with Aiza and Fe(y). hehehe, Of course who can ever forget Batibot. Nataob lang yata ang baitbot nung 90’s nang lumabas ang sine-skwela.

    sa batibot, di ko makakalimutan ang sitsiritsit, alibangbang… hehehe

    Di ko na po inabot ang ula. hihihi.

    • mabulaklaknadila permalink
      August 10, 2009 9:19 pm

      i think sobrang musmos pa ko ng ipalabas ang ula medyo mlabo na ang ang memory ko non kya lang ng sumikat si juday alala ko tlaga sya. alm mo bang dti me commercial si juday na shampoo sa kuto??? hahaha. I love ok ka fairy ko at katuwa si aiza non. ang batibot? syang. ksi yong sine skela e for higher grades na ang batibot pang basic learning. hahaha ang paborito ko naman sa batibot e si manang bola!

  3. August 8, 2009 10:14 am


    • August 8, 2009 1:34 pm

      kaw tlaga ang laging una! hahaha. kaw lang ata ngbabasa dito e. thanks for dropping by.

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