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For the Mother of Philippine Democracy

August 2, 2009

Former President Corazon C. Aquino,  May You Rest In Peace

I was a martial law baby, and I can’t remember much of Marcos Regime but the cruelty and fear and poverty of the Philippine nation. I can clearly remember the year 1986, I was 8 ears old. I never understood what was happening, the elderly wouldn’t explain anything when I asked questions, but I saw the worry in their eyes.

It makes me think now, what if Mrs Aquino didn’t run for presidency? What if there was no EDSA revolution? What if we are still under the martial law? It dreads me to think further.

Mrs Aquino became the symbol of hope and freedom during those times. A very simple lady and a  housewife who sacrificed her family life for the whole nation.

To Tita Cory, you have given us a precious gift, a gift of legacy, of freedom and democracy, I personally can not thank you enough for that. Now that you have departed, the whole nation mourns for you. You are such a great loss to us.  You will surely be in every single heart of Filipinos around the world specially of those who witnessed you during your term.

From Journey In My Head, Goodbye Mrs. Aquino, may you rest in peace, and again thank you.


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