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Do You Believe in Angels?

August 2, 2009


I was given an itinerary for travel. And I should arrive in Totnes at 2PM but what time did I arrive?  1AM the next morning!

I remember when I left NAIA for England holding my itinerary, I have to change planes 4 times, catch 2 coaches from Bristol and I should arrive in Totnes in time to be picked up by my employer and drive me to Dartmouth where my final destination will be. But No! I was given wrong details. When I arrived in Amsterdam, my third stop, I knew there’s something wrong. It was already 1:15 in the afternoon and it is impossible for me to arrive Dartmouth in three quarters of an hour from Amsterdam. I still have to fly to Bristol, and catch 2 coaches! In desperate panic, I rang my agency told them my dilemma but they told me “just to follow the itinerary” and I will be ok. Then they hanged up on me. What?! the itinerary which is wrong!? I called again and there’s no answer anymore. Fortunately, I have my employer’s number and work number. Problem solved. I will phone my employers and tell them my problem and hope they can help me. I bought two EU international phone cards so I phone my employers, but unfortunately they are not answering my calls. I phone the work number, it rang but unfortunately, again, I have to respond to the call of my next flight going to Bristol. Although I have all these problems and dilemma, I never seemed to be scared nor be afraid. I was a bit worried but other than that, I was fine. To think that I was alone,I don’t know where the heck I’m going, It was my first time to board a plane, my first to travel abroad, in-fact it was my first time to travel, period. I was a loco, I must admit when I did this. But then again, I chose to leave and go on I must.

I arrived Bristol, I got my big red luggage and dragged it outside the airport. I don’t know what coach I’m looking for all I have is a number ( apparently the number of the coach) I asked a few Englishmen and women if they know how to get to Totnes. I cannot follow my itinerary anymore for I surely missed the bus. I was already  2:30 pm. Guess what? Nobody knew Totnes! They didn’t even know how to pronounce it! Then I got worried!

I walked a bit and ask for a bus stop. Thank God somebody knew where it is! So I went to the bus stop. Three buses were there, so I asked one of the drivers if they know how to get to Totnes. He was kind, he took this booklet out of his pocket and opened it. I didn’t understand, there were numbers and time and supposedly places written in there. He encircled a couple of numbers (bus numbers) I have to catch to get to Totnes and encircled the time I have to catch them. From Bristol I have to go to Exeter to catch a coach to get to Totnes. I was a very long journey. Mind you I never went to sleep, I never rested, perhaps my brain is too active with all that’s happening. I have to be alert. I was the only passenger in the bus and I took the liberty to talk to the driver (he was probably 60 to 65 years old) and ask how I will get to Dartmouth. He gave me a puzzled, worried look, then he said “I have to check  when we get to totnes dear.” We arrived in totnes at exactly 1Am. We both got off the bus, me looking around and he, looked in what seemed to me is a poster on a light post. He waved at me and gave me a worried look. “I’m afraid the last coach to Dartmouth is at 5:40pm yesterday.”  I was speechless ofcourse, what is there to say??? The driver was seemed reluctant to leave me. He knew I was an “alien” to the place, so I said I’ve got numbers to call and they can help me get to Dartmouth. He was happy with that and said his farewell to me. He said “goodluck and godbless.” He was very polite and nice i thought. 

I was alone, It was dark and freezing cold, it was September 8, 2006. I was In Totnes, A place situated In England half around the world from home.

I didn’t know what to do, I stood there where the coach driver left me, thinking…. I looked around. There is, what it seemed to me is a pub??? There were a few youngsters holding beers on their hands sitting on the chairs near the door of the pub. A few teenagers, walking past me talking in jiberish english i found difficult to understand for they were drunk. NOOOO! I am in trouble. I need a phone! I thought. I need to ring my employers they are my only hope. I walked, I didn’t know where I was going, then suddenly, there was a lady’s voice calling, I heard footsteps towards me. She was In a black coat, she was going towards me, no mistake about that. I halted. I waited for her. She is a tall lady, with quite long blonde wavy hair. I smiled at her. I felt safety she isn’t drunk and she seemed decent. She smiled as well and said ” Are you my Spanish student? I’m suppose to pick you up at 5pm this afternoon but you never came, I thought I will wait more for you.” My smile disappeared and told her that I’m not her student. She just obviously has mistaken me for her student. I asked her if she can direct me to a phone booth so I can call my employers and what have you…I explained what happened to me. We arrived in a hone booth but unfortunately I didn’t have any coins. She’s given me her last pound coin and I tried to ring the number I got. It didn’t work. She tried to dial for me. and a lady on the other line answered. She is in Dartmouth but unfortunately it was a wrong number. The lady with me explained to the lady on the other end of the line what happened to me, I heard the words ” poor lass, it’s horrifying”. The lady on  the other line found the right number for us but unfortunately there were no more credit on the payphone. The conversation was cut off. The lady with me said ” I cannot leave you here, you must come with me and use my phone to contact your employer and if doesn’t work you can stay for the night with me and tomorrow you can leave for Dartmouth” I didn’t know what to do, I have nowhere to go, I was all alone. I decided to go with her. She called a taxi and we arrived at her house, wherever it is. She was very nice and accommodating. Upon entering the house, I immediately saw the phone and as if she read my mind, she picked the receiver up and ask for the number which the lady from Dartmouth has given us, apparently my work number.

She dialed the number, a lady responded. Correct is the name of the place where I’m suppose to work and Yes I’ve got the name of my employer right but they have no idea that a certain employee will be arriving from abroad, namely, ME. So I asked for the real number of my employer. I rang the number immediately after the phone was hanged,the other end of the line was answered by another lady, I explained that I am the employee who came from the Philippines..etc..etc… She said they have been waiting for me in Totnes from 1:30 pm till 3pm but no one arrived, therefore they concluded that no one is arriving. She said I’ll be picked up wherever I am so I passed the phone to its owner and asked her if she can give the lady her address for me to be picked up. She spoke to the lady on the other end, and yes, I’ll be going to Dartmouth in a few hours time.

While waiting, I introduced myself and asked for her name (lets just call her Sherry), I thanked her for her hospitality and kindness, then she suddenly asked me out of the blue, “do you believe in angels?” I didn’t know what to answer. No word i have uttered. She then grabbed a what seemed to me was a pack of cards. She asked me to choose one and read the inscription. I chose one and read what was written… Angel of Change and Hope… She then explain what it meant. She said I’m being guided by the angel of change and hope. I suddenly thought of where I am, a total foreign place, definitely all about me will change… hope? I thought I should hope for the best and for the worst since I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.

After a few minutes, a range rover stopped in from of the house, a man came down, he knocked on the door and asked for me. He said he is my employer and he’s going to take me to a bungalow where I’m going to stay in Dartmouth.  I turned to Sherry, she smiled at me and said I should visit her sometime…I said yes, I asked for her address and number so I can be in touch with her. We said our goodbyes and thanked her for everything she’s done for me. My employer and I arrived in Dartmouth at 3:15am. We entered a long drive and at the end I saw a little cottage bungalow. That must be my new home….

A little lady appeared. She introduced herself as Marian, the owner of the house and an auntie to my employer. She is very nice and lovely, she was very hospitable and accommodating as well. She gave me a  little tour of the house, pointed out that there are drinks and snacks in the kitchen if ever I’m hungry. She the said her goodnight and persuaded me to rest. She gave me two keys, one for the conservatory door and the kitchen door.

I was left alone on my own again and it made me think… I was in a horrible scary situation. But I was never scared. I thank God for  he has given me  strength and courage…I was never lost…God has given me an angel to keep me on track… There’s always a help for me..God has given me angels in human forms to guide me.

“Do you believe in angels?” Sherry asked. Now I know my answer, Yes I do believe in angles, they are all around me, good strangers like her.

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