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I’m Ever So Sorry but I Can’t…

July 13, 2009

Come to Work….

Have you experienced this? Well I have! DamnDarn those staff who does this! And some of them rings a few minutes before their shift! How annoying is that? Knowing that it’ll be difficult to get substitutes! Ayayay!

One instance the phone rang at work while I’m in the middle of doing medications (lunch time)… “Hello good afternoon how can I help you?” “Hi! Chi, I’m ever so sorry but I can’t come to work, I’ve got tendonitis on my wrist.” ” Is it really that  bad?” “It is really bad…it feels like…you know…painful…””Yes I do know, In fact I’ve got tendonitis on both my shoulders and on top of that I have inpingement syndrome on the same areas which are really painful..” “Oh! I’m sorry but you see I can’t come to work anyway cause my baby is sick as well…and I’m going to take her to the doctors, I’m sorry…bye” Then in the afternoon the tea boy come and says ” Oh I thought  she’s got a day off! I saw her shopping today.” I of course took a deep breath and sighed a long deep sigh! They are shiteheads! They really boil my blood! I bet they saw this video on you tube! LOL.

I seldom see people who are really reliable and hardworking, they are rare these days. Ironically, those who are good and reliable and dedicated at work usually are the people who are taken for granted by employers. 😦

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