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Gusto ko ng Mangga!(I would like some mango!)

July 8, 2009

I never thought I will crave for mangoes! When I was in the Philippines I didn’t take much notice of what we have, not only mangoes but everything in general. We have the sun all the time which i despised ( I didn’t want to be dark that is! hehehe), the seasonal fruits that we always have finding them displayed in the dining table almost rotten, the flipflops (sipit na tsinelas), the clothes, etc….. Now that I’m here abroad I just wish I didn’t take anything  for granted! I hated myself for that.

Here, the English people always are grateful for everything. When I say everything it means EVERYTHING. I very seldom see anyone who isn’t grateful for what they have. I feel ashamed of myself for the attitude i have within me when i first realized that i was ungrateful for most thing that i had.

philippine mangoMANGOES! when I was at home I never took much notice of them, they were everywhere! Loads of varieties specially in the summer. Now, I go in the shops and look for mango. There’s only one kind, reddish green in color, pucha! Apple mango pa! How dreadful! I remember when we were young, my classmates and I will pick apple mangoes and use them as balls.  As in “bola” playthings they were. And now Im’ buying them for a 100+ pesos for a single piece! Leche talaga!


philippine sun (boracay)The SUN. Ah! we Filipinos always hide from the sun! Too hot!? Noooo…. we don’t want to have dark skin! Shocks! What a load of  Bollucks! nonsense! The first time I’ve set foot on this country, I’m glad that its cool. Lots of shades and cloudy skies! Lovely I thought. That was my mistake! Now, I wanted the sun every time I go out! I used to hide from it now i run for it. When you’re walking outside and there’s no sun, it’s cold even in the summer. You’ll only feel the warmth when you’re under the sun. It’s now summer time here in Britain but I still carry my hooded jumper (sweatshirt / jacket po ang tawag sa tin) all the time. Why? when the sun goes, bye bye to warmth as well. Besides, DI USO AND MGA PUTLA DITO! LOL! They always give tanned and brown colored people like me  a second look. Attractive kung baga. I hear most of my white female friends say “I’ll kill for your color Chi.” And I’m thinking, damn! What an ungrateful sod I was!


fine philippine jewelThe CLOTHES AND FASHION! Gosh! We are so behind (dito sa UK). I’ve always thought that London Fashion is great, hmmm…. what I’m wearing which i bought 2 years ago is a new look???? Our pambahay na “daster”? In display and costs about £15 (tatakles) to £35(tatak made in china)… ABAW! e 120 pesos lang yon diba? Converted to “£1+” (hmmm…makapag negosyo kaya) and the custom jewelries??? Ay caramba! 3 years behind! And you know I have this umbrella that automatically opens and closes, na nagkalat sa SM? they’ve never seen one like it. Sikat ako pagdating sa payong! And I always get an “Oh Wow!” or “that’s brilliant” comment.


filipino foodsThe FOOD…..Haaay…… Nilabong patatas, carrots, at kung ano pang nilabon tapos karne o isda na walang asin manlang. Swerte mo kung masarap ang gravy. Oh well, I got used to it… and its healthier i suppose… but still… haaayy…. I miss our sisig, langgunisa, pakbet, etc… etc…. I used to hate tapang isda…. now i buy a small piece for £4 to £5!  Instant pansit canton? Naks! I have to make tawid pa on the other side of the river and travel by coach (bus) for half an hour to buy them for .50p a packet, 40 pesos, di ba 5 or 6 pesos lang yon?  😥  And this summer, my friend planted cherry tomatoes which cost her £12 on the vine, compost, pot and ofcourse we have to put loads of tender loving care pa. We make sure it is in the sun during the day, placed in the conservatory during the night and watered regularly, I sing to it pa someptimes. I’m thinking we only throw a piece of tomato anywhere and it will grow and most of the time we dont use the fruit. Oh dear! We can have tomato which costs almost nothing (if we only plant them…) against a whooping 1000 pesos for a single cherry tomato plant na kailangang alagaan pa ng todo.

SUMA TOTAL: We shouldn’t take anything for granted. We should always be grateful for what we have. Everything that is given to us is a gift, we just often don’t realise that.

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